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Graphic Mint Academy

Dublin Event: 20 May 2016

“User Experience (UX) for Business”

Join us for our latest design education event. “User Experience (UX) for Business” is a fully-immersive day of workshops by industry professionals teaching practical UX skills.

Graphic Mint Academy

Zarion Allocate

Zarion Allocate

Simplifying Capacity Management

“The Graphic Mint team quickly understood our vision for how we want our customers to engage with our products.”
– Jason, Zarion Software
Product Manager

Zarion Allocate

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Identify Usability Issues

Our custom packages are used by companies who develop and manage digital products such as apps, software and websites to meet user needs. Our testing labs are used daily to observe and record real user interactions, helping you to achieve team consensus on design and development decisions.

Usability Testing

Clients are Talking

Connecting Scholarship & Research

“The user testing sessions exceeded our expectations in terms of obtaining valuable and insightful feedback.”

– Arlene
Sub Librarian

Envisioning the Future of Cities

“The Graphic Mint team proved sensitive to our vision and deadline, delivering a compelling demo.”

– Keith
Research Engineer

Securing Financial Futures

“Graphic Mint understood our complex processes and played them back to us in a simple, creative way.”

– Anna
Marketing Development Manager

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