This is the second of three new User Experience Solutions articles from the Graphic Mint studio. In these short articles we revisit important design terms and practices from our recent demo reel. This article focuses on ‘Products’ and gives a brief overview of how user interface issues with digital software products are resolved, by using prototyping as an expert design methodology.

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The SME Business Breakfast was held this morning at the Carlow Local Enterprise Office, featuring esteemed European business and design speakers. This was part of Faultlines, the inaugural Irish Design Research Conference, running from the 4th-5th of June. This breakfast session has been organised to enable Irish SMEs to engage in creative business processes, in order to develop competitiveness. The event was hosted by designCORE, an Applied Design Research Centre based in the Institute of Technology Carlow.

Faultlines ID2015

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This is the first of three new User Experience Solutions articles from the Graphic Mint studio. In these short articles we revisit important design terms and practices from our recent demo reel. This article focuses on ‘People’ and gives a brief overview of how user painpoints with digital software products are solved by conducting expert user research.

User Painpoints

If a product or service does not meet the needs of its users, the flaws in its design are referred to as user painpoints. These painpoints are the result of usability issues which cause user complaints and user frustration. These usability issues can occur when messaging is unclear, interfaces are unintuitive or tasks can not be completed with ease.

When people respond to usability issues by making user complaints, they are directed not only to the product owners but other users. In turn many people who experience user frustration with digital products are not met with adequate resources to resolve their issues. All of these reactions negatively affect the perceptions of current and potential users, reducing the product’s appeal and rates of user adoption

User Research

In order to resolve user painpoints, the underlying usability issues must be identified through user research. Usability testing is an effective method as it involves analysing real user behaviour in context. An e-commerce website may have low sales, for example. Through usability testing they may discover search function is unintuitive.

User interviews and focus groups unearth painpoints through stimulating user dialogue and extracting important feedback. All user research findings are analysed by UX experts to produce usability reports and visualisation documents. From here behavioural patterns will emerge around key problems, enabling the UX designers to identify and resolve usability issues.

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Case Study

TCD Library Graphic Mint Usability Testing Trinity College Dublin | Connecting Scholarship and Research

Our portfolio includes a homepage redesign for the Trinity College Dublin Library.

This project involved a combination of usability testing and user experience services.


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Graphic Mint Workshop at the Bienaalle International Design Saint Étienne, FranceAs you may have noticed from our social media channels over the last number of months, I have been very proactively representing Graphic Mint at design events this year. These events have given me the opportunity to meet with talented groups of people from an exciting mix of design disciplines and creative cultures. I return from each conference invigorated by fellow speakers and attendees’ passion for progressing design. These events are often hosted in beautiful, creative spaces but none compare to The Biennale.

Biennale Internationale Design: Saint-Étienne


Nothing could prepare me for the scale of The Biennale in Saint-Étienne, France. This event is produced by the Cité du Design and offers an eclectic mix of challenging symposiums, meetings and exhibitions. It certainly lives up to its producers’ description.

“A veritable laboratory of contemporary trends, providing a perspective on the thinking and questions of our time, in light of design issues.’’

It truly was a city wide initiative. Design was embraced everywhere in its many forms. The streets and buildings of Saint Étienne were adorned with beautiful Biennale branding. I have never felt more immersed in the story of a brand, in fact. This mass event branding could easily have gone wrong, by becoming overly jarring or noisy. This was not the case in Saint Étienne however, as the brand design was light and holistic in tone. Its robust system of interchangeable elements was an extensible, visual story. It featured not one but a family of ideas, which all connected to a smart, overarching concept.

biennale internationale .jpgGraphic Mint. Beautiful Branding at the Biennale International DesignGraphic_Mint_Biennale_International_Design-Branding1

This great Experience Design was cohesively extended to services throughout the event. I was particularly impressed while dining at a restaurant with no wifi. The Cite Du Design provided a wide area network broadband to delegates, featuring an easy login process. It just asked for my email address and voila! I was integrated with the attendee system, complete with personalised messaging.

The Design and Innovation Forum

Seamus Byrne. Experience Design Workshop. Bienalle Internationa Design. Saint-Etienne

Seamus Byrne. Experience Design Workshop. Bienalle Internationa Design. Saint-Etienne

I was attending the Biennale to present a talk and facilitate a workshop on Experience Design. This was part of the four-day Design and Innovation Forum, hosted by the official Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2015. This forum was jam-packed with presentations, workshops and discussions relating to some very relevant Design topics, such as:

  • Thinking Design Strategies For Business
  • Envisaging Design International Developments
  • Living Design Practice in an Industry
  • Connecting Design Networks Serving Competitiveness

Both my presentation and workshop fell within the area of the “Living Design Practice in an Industry” topic. I wanted to teach delegates about Experience Design while shedding light on the practice. Too often at conferences speakers focus on theory and not enough on method. I provided the attendees with practical and actionable knowledge of how to improve customer and user experience through service design.


There were many interesting speakers at the Forum, most notably two plenary sessions. The first was a very interesting talk by John Mathers, Director General of the UK Design Council. Besides introducing us to the wonderfully ambitious and badly needed Design for Europe initiative, his perspective on Design classification was very original.


His rich experience with Design was evident through the concepts of Style, Form and Function, Problem Solving and Framing which he expressed so fluently. I personally gravitate toward framing on a daily basis when working on projects, so it was nice to see it represented.

Another stunning speaker was the mind blowing Katsushi Kunimoto, Professor at Nagoya City University Graduate School of Design in Japan. Not since reading Roy Ascott in the naughties have I played such new concept bingo! Katsushi’s talk entitled, ‘Innovation Design: The Way which Builds the Future’, was fresh fields for me; a breather from the usual topics that tend to do the rounds at Design Conferences.

 Katsushi Kunimoto. Professor Nagoya City. University Graduate School of Design. Japan

He tackled the future of Medical Design Research and Development. He tracked the evolution of technology from the hi-performance, high-tech systems of the past, through the present era of intelligent computerisation. From here he moved to the not too distant future epoch of ‘Lifezation,’ a paradigm shift from intelligence to life. Riveting content.

The forum was very professionally run. I would especially like to commend Alok Nandi, associate researcher at the Forum and Creative Director of Architempo who was responsible for curating the wonderful programme, and Marine Schikowski who was an exceptional Biennial project coordinator.

Biennale to Business_02Avril2015_©CharlottePierot (105)

A video recording of my presentation, ’The Practice Experience Design’ can be found here. More event photography shot by esteemed photographer Charlotte Pierot can be viewed here. As Director of Experience for Graphic Mint I have been involved in numerous events over the years. For many of these I was an organiser, attendee and key speaker–and sometimes all at once! My event experience at Biennale has been of particular value, however. It comes not only from the calibre of its event design in 2015, but the quality it lends to the  exciting future of our European Design communities.

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Captivate: a CX Masterclass Last Thursday the 7th of May at 8:30am the first excited tweet went out from our team about kicking off Captivate: a CX Masterclass at the Wood Quay Venue. This event was a collaboration with our design peers Near Future, which we created to open the box on what Customer Experience actually means for large business owners, here in Ireland.

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