From health insurers adopting wearable devices, to Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, all eyes are on the creation of dynamic customer experiences. Marketing Directors are telling their teams to really push customer communications. Operations Managers are putting aside “service innovation” budgets.

What many do not realise, is that although our services and technologies are evolving digitally, the fundamentals of quality Service Design have not changed. Expert Service Design requires process changes to be justified by an increase in value to the customer.

As leading providers of Service Design in Dublin, we find ourselves answering the same questions for new and existing clients alike. ‘What does Service Design mean to me, as a B2B service provider?’ or ‘Is this new trend relevant to our industry?’ To this end we are publishing a short series of blog posts to simplify key terms and definitions associated with Service Design. The first post in our Service Design series explained the most important  step in any Service Design initiative; understanding your Service Touchpoints:

“…any interaction a customer has with your service. These are experiences which must make positive impressions, impart essential information and add value to the experience of your brand.”

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It’s been almost two weeks since the Graphic Mint team moved to the new studio on Poolbeg Street. We are settling into it quite nicely! We’ve unpacked the essentials for day-to day-design such as sharpies, sketchbooks and whiteboards. Philip and Julian have been busy putting together flatpacks and Eoin introduced a techie touch, this time by filming a new Usability Testing lab take shape.


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After almost 6 years on Camden St. Graphic Mint are making the move to Poolbeg St. in the heart of Dublin. While we’re all thrilled about moving to the city centre action, we’re sad to be leaving the bustling and vibrant area of Camden St.

Camden Street

We will miss being part of the local community, from the ‘Keep it Local, Keep it Camden’ campaign we started, to the branding we created and love. As a nod to our old home, here are just a few of our favourite things about the area. No doubt they are good reasons to for us to make the occasional trip back!

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This is the final of three User Experience Solutions articles from the Graphic Mint studio. In these short articles we revisit important design terms and practices from our recent demo reel. This article focuses on ‘Strategy’ and gives a brief overview of how frustration with digital projects is resolved by facilitating expert collaboration.

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Service Design is at the forefront of business and design discussion in Ireland and abroad at present. Government sectors in particular are announcing incredible investments to bring existing services into the digital age through design. As companies and entities continue to partake in the digital transformation, maintaining high-quality Customer Experiences (CX) becomes more challenging. People are now accustomed to streamlined service systems such as online banking and paperless billing. They expect services to be immediate, seamless and consistent across online and offline environments. Whether you are looking to renovate an existing service or create an innovative new offering, understanding your service touch points is a good way to start.

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