Graphic Mint Website 3.0 Launches!

After months of planning, designing, and development we are delighted to officially launch the new Graphic Mint brand and website or “GM 3.0″ as we like to call it around the office. We hope you love it! Let us know what you think?

Here are some noteworthy facts about our new, improved look and feel:

  • New Brand:  We explored completely redesigning our brand, but nothing compared to the original, so we decided to turn up the volume on our brand’s freshness, injecting it with some minty vitality.
  • New Tagline: As User eXperience designers, everyday, we create better experiences for Users, Customers and Brands. Our new term to describe this as “Experience Innovation”. We thought this term was so apt for us, it is now our new tagline – and we love its double meaning.
  • Responsive Design: To meet the needs of our users increasing consumption of our website on mobile and tablet devices, we built our new website using best practices of mobile first and responsive design. This means you can enjoy the site in much more contexts than before.
  • Storytelling: We wanted to distill the essence of what Graphic Mint is all about, down to its core conceptual components. We came up with a storyworld that we think sums us up pretty well: Journeys, Communications, Technology, People and Community. You can see these concepts presented across our website.
  • Content Strategy: Since our previous website launched (version 2.0) the content strategy revolution has exploded on to the scene. Consistency, and cohesion of messaging and copy are more valid and important than ever and we put content at the heart of our online strategy across our website and social media channels.
  • Perpetual Beta: The website does not stop with the launch, in the spirit of progressive enhancement, we will continue to improve the design and development of the website.
  • Feedback: Please contact INFO AT GRAPHIC MINT DOT COM with your feedback which is always most welcome.
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One Response to Graphic Mint Website 3.0 Launches!

  1. flavio says:

    Ehi the responsive design is very well done! It’s fluid and fast adapting to screen rotation. Well done!


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