Favourite Speaker at OFFSET 2014 // SUNDAY

OFFSET 2014 took place this year at The Bord Gais Theatre in Dublin and many design heads came out to hear from loads of their favourite artists.

Having the opportunity to head along myself this year on the Sunday, the final day of the conference. I was delighted to see one of my favourite illustrators Jon Burgerman was headlining the Cyan Stage. Previously I had only discovered Burgerman’s work from seeing a flyer for a new indie club night starting in Dublin called Propaganda Club back in 2010.

His work was so unique and eye catching, it was from then I began following all of his latest work.

He gave an excellent and informative talk at OFFSET 2014, explaining that “I do a lot of my drawing sitting on the couch away from the computer”. I found this to be very interesting because as designers some artists main focus is to get straight into the digital side. Sometimes taking a step back away from the computer and possibly changing the scenery can give you a better creative flow for your work. His advice is definitely an approach I will be considering on future projects.

Jon explained how good doodling can be, it doesn’t take much thought to do. Just open a blank page and start drawing. He encouraged everyone to draw some doodles while he gave his talk, I watched as many design heads surrounding me, doodling away.

Burgerman talked about a new technique he discovered for designing, it was to go to Google Images or Tumblr, type in a celebrity and draw your interpretation of the image. This technique would be an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing, if you we’re on a creative blank. I will definitely be trying out this in the future.

If you weren’t able to guess the image to right is of Rihanna, the music artist sticking her tongue out. Jon features drawings be does from Tumblr on a Tumblr page here.

During the afternoon break the sun was shining and was great to see loads of creatives relaxing surrounding the Docklands, I took some photographs which can be viewed below.

offset offset-2 offset-3

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One Response to Favourite Speaker at OFFSET 2014 // SUNDAY

  1. Kathryn Parkes says:

    Hi Eoin,
    Nice post. Have to agree, Jon Burgerman was my favourite talk too. I loved it – it was just so entertaining as well as inspiring, great delivery. I think celebrity doodling could be a great Creative Friday afternoon exercise, must arrange with Seamus :) Definitely good to get away from the computer for a bit.

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