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Impassioned stories about customer experiences feature in most day-to-day conversations between friends, coworkers and even strangers. Understanding and embracing interaction design can bring real value to these daily experiences. Continue reading

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A Vampire client of ours has commissioned our UX team to find the most efficient method of sourcing blood. As part of the project we have created a 30 second survey on a timeless problem: How would you avoid getting bitten by a vampire? Continue reading

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As a newcomer from Taipei to Dublin City, so far everything has been more or less a cultural shock to me, including the public transport. Of course, applications of public transport would always help, such as Google Map and Dublin Bus. Continue reading

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We at Graphic Mint are moving with the times staying up-to-date with the latest technological, methodological, and design trends in the industry and in doing so, we realised that our own website was in need of a certain something – … Continue reading

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Cartoon credit: http://www.estetica-design-forum.com/ 28th of June, 2011. It was just like Christmas morning. A brand new social network! I got an invitation, opened my personal account, uploaded a profile picture, added some friends and posted some things… A few hours … Continue reading

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Love…the final frontier. Giving a straight definition of love is no easy task. “What is love?” Haddaway musically asked in the 1990s. “Baby, don’t hurt me” was the answer. Nothing definite there, so for the purposes of this post, we are going to treat ‘love’ as ‘liking something very much.’ Our main objective at Graphic Mint is to deliver good User Experience Design all of the time; design so good, that the end-user can’t help but love it. Continue reading

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Over the course of years, Graphic Mint has created dozens of exciting products making customers and their users happy with well designed websites, useful applications or memorable graphics. Usually, it is hard for any parent to pick who their favorite son is, and the same applies in my case when picking my favorite projects. However, I finally decided which ones I like the best and feel more proud of. Continue reading

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We are delighted to announce to our friends, clients and fans the completion of our latest project: the new Centrecom website and the design of their brand! Centrecom is a broadband and data connectivity company that understands how critical connections … Continue reading

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Playfulness: An experience is all about engaging someone, make it memorable by injecting some fun. When all is said and done, as humans we value experiences that help us to successfully reach our goals.

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Consistency: All parts of the Experience should look and feel, like they’re from the same family, brand and theme.

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