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Graphic Mint make technology simple for you, your customer and users. We make sure interactions with technology are efficient, reliable and easy to use.

Our services section is bursting with technologies that we can help you make a connection with!

Think Techologies

Web Design

Graphic Mint design and develop custom website solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile. We use reliable and and easy-to-use content management systems like Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress to build, web portals, e-commerce systems, blogs, social networks.

Your website is the most important touch-point and often the first experience a customer will have with your business. We ensure that visitors to your website have a meaningful, user-friendly, and useful experience because our design is centred around their goals and needs.

Web Design Services

  • Apps: From one-trick pony applications, to multi-functional tools. We create apps that help your customers accomplish important tasks and goals, or to just have fun.
  • Blogs: Set up a blogging portal where you can publish great ideas and latest news to become an industry thought leader in your field.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS's): Powerful systems that assist web authors, from all levels of experience, to easily add, edit and delete content, instantly seeing the results live on their website.
  • Content Strategy and Maintenance: On an ongoing basis, Graphic Mint proactively keep your website looking fresh, your content consistent and well-gardened and your data secure.
  • E-Commerce: Secure and robust systems that allow visitors to purchase your products and services online.
  • Multimedia: Enhance your online experience with interactive and immersive content: slide-shows, galleries, forms, polls, video, animation, maps, games and interactive widgets.
  • Social Media: Create the channels where you connect with your constituents to help build an online community around your business.

10 Benefits of Web Design

  • Increase awareness and communication of your business and offerings to a global audience, 24/7
  • Increase conversions and sales via increased web traffic
  • Better search engine ranking
  • Increase user delight via useful functionality such as helpful tools, interactive widgets and fun features
  • Increase return visitors, adoption of your offering, and brand advocates
  • Build community around your website
  • Easier to update and maintain content
  • Download faster
  • Web standards compliant
  • Improve accessibility, widening your online audience to include users with other-abilities

Web Design Projects

Digital Product Design

Graphic Mint design User Interfaces for interactive digital products and services on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We use best practices of interaction design, visual design and user experience design to make your user interface (UI) more engaging, relevant, useful and usable.

We work with software development teams, CTO's, program managers, product managers, project managers, developers and QA testers to deliver state-of-the-art interfaces, digital products and services and user experiences that your customers will love.

We translate requirements gathered from user research, statistical analysis and usability testing into design improvements to the user interface. The structure, behaviour, flow and appearance of the UI are optimised to help users to accomplish their goals, fulfill their expectations and ultimately be happy.

User Experience Design

  • User Research: Our mix of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods include interviewing users, observing their behaviour while interacting with your product or service, researching the user's environment and context, and analysing metric data
  • Modeling: Our findings from research are transformed into a story-world by creating an array of actionable and inspiring documents and charts about the user and their context: user personas, scenarios, task-analyses, ecosystem visualisations, touch-point maps and customer life-cycles
  • Interaction Design: We design the structure, behaviour and flow of technology by utilising a range of ideation methods and iterative rounds of low-to-high fidelity prototyping techniques including sketching, card sorting, wire-framing, storyboarding, designing the box, html and flash
  • Visual Design: We design the visual style or skin of the application's presentation layer. We start with conceptual ideation, then on to iterative rounds and reviews of visual design mock-ups. UI specification documents, style guides and diagrams help us or your dev team to easily implement the design.
  • User Interface Development: We adapt to each dev team requirements, workflow and skillset, to ensure the UI implementation is straightforward and painless. We have extensive experience with HTML, CSS and javascript, and are available to hit the ground running throughout the dev cycle.
  • Usability Testing: Test how useful and usable your offering is by assigning users specific tasks to accomplish then observing their behaviour. The findings unearth nuggets of bad usability that can be immediately addressed in the next round of design.
  • Responsive Design: We ensure that you digital product meets the demands of the ever growing mobile and tablet user market. We utilise best practices of Responsive Design so the integrity of the look and feel of your UI is maintained and adapts across the variety of viewports, screens and devices.
  • Service Design: Our design skills are not limited to User Interfaces. Our research and design process unearths a trove of useful information to inform the design of the "offline" experience, that is, before and after the user interacts with your digital products. We can help with designing the overarching, end-to-end customer to user experience, through careful calibration of environments, systems, processes and people.

10 Benefits of User Experience Design

  • Align user and business goals to produce easy-to-use and genuinely useful products or services
  • Increase rates of user adoption of your product or service and brand loyalty
  • Increase desirability with useful, relevant and meaningful functionality and features
  • Ensure your Digital Products looks, feels and works good across a wide variety of devices, viewports and screens
  • Improve standardisation and consistency of your offering's user interface
  • Better product and service design based on observing real user behaviour and data
  • Focus design team and other stakeholders towards meeting user expectations
  • Facilitate consensus across design, development, product and C-level teams
  • Reduce costs by uncovering errors and flaws with the usability and functionality of the product or service early in the development cycle
  • Understand the high level goals of the end user in the context and environment of how and where the product or service is used.

Digital Product Projects

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Digital Marketing

Graphic Mint design and deploy effective Digital Marketing and Communications strategies. Our customer-centred approach includes market research and web metrics evaluation that help you understand your customers opinions and online behaviour.

We help you build strong and lasting relationships with your customers by finding your true voice, telling your real story and managing your content strategy across social media channels.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Analytics (Web): Measure and analyse user behaviour, patterns of usage, and quantitative traffic data to inform and improve user experience, marketing campaign success, click through rates, Search Engine Optimisation, business goals and e-commerce conversions.
  • eZine Campaigns: Keep your customers up to date with your latest news and events with an eZine. Increase subscribers, hone your mailing list, tell engaging stories, present content that looks and reads great on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile and monitor recipients response to the campaign.
  • Marketing Research and Strategy: Discover and understand what your target audience want, need, or believe by capturing their collective opinion via online surveys, focus groups and competitor analyses. Create a customer-focused marketing plan based on the findings.
  • Multimedia: Enhance your digital marketing campaigns with interactive and immersive content: slide-shows, galleries, forms, polls, video, animation, maps, games and interactive widgets.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): The higher your appear in "organic" (un-paid) search engine results pages, the better chance your website has of being visited. Improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website by following web standard SEO techniques.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Increase your web presence through the use of paid (un-organic) search listing placement, keyword auctioning and contextual advertising.
  • Social Media Community Management: We manage all aspects of the planning and running of you social media communities. Including, campaign creation, scheduling, publishing and community communication.
  • Social Media Strategy: Establish a web presence for your business across the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus and Pinterest. Build community around your brand by providing online spaces where fans and followers can interact with your company and each other.
  • YouTube Videos: We combine storytelling with our video productional experience to create engaging and informative online video pieces about your company and offering.

10 Benefits Of Digital Marketing

  • Increase online discoverability, findability, and visibility by evaluating and optimising your content.
  • Increase web presence across multiple social network channels.
  • Improve marketing and promotional actions based on real user opinion and usage patterns.
  • Increases chances for higher search engine rankings.
  • Generate business leads to promote your offering.
  • Build up database of subscribers for ongoing e-mail marketing opportunities.
  • Build customer loyalty by staying in touch with existing customers.
  • Digital saves money(compared to direct mail) and creates immediate results.
  • Provides information about who's linking to your site.
  • Improves your brand imageand overall expansion.

Digital Marketing Projects

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Graphic Mint design Brands with talent and passion! We want your customers to fall in love with your brand identity through a genuine emotional connection based on positive experiences with your company.

Our exploration process is tried, tested and second-to-none. Our original and cutting-edge ideas are inspired by ongoing stake-holder feedback, real customer opinions, the story behind your business, and good old-fashioned creativity and imagination.

Branding Services

  • Storytelling: The first step is to unearth the stories infused throughout your business. We set the scene, identify the characters and develop a plot to define your brand attributes, progress your story and to build a true connection with your customers.
  • Logo Design: Your logo is the heart of your business, and should capture and communicate your story, voice and tone. We design, produce and streamline world-class "lovemarks".
  • Corporate Identity: Branding is about consistency of voice across the myriad of touch-points that your customers interact with. We design, produce and streamline your company's stationary system (business cards, letterhead, envelope, compliment slips), presentation templates (Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF) and email signatures.
  • Asset Repository: We provide you with an all-in-one-place online repository for all your brand assets providing you an your staff with a streamlined, easy-to-access and easy-to-deploy means of maintaining brand consistency.
  • Style and Standards Guide: Graphical Style and Standards Guide for you branding, featuring detailed information about typefaces, layout, and colour to maintain visual consistency across all touch-points.

10 Benefits Of Branding

  • Increase visibility, awareness and recognition of your company and its offerings.
  • Increase emotional connections between you and your customers.
  • Increase the chances of customer loyalty and of being remembered.
  • Streamline and focus your company's voice, story and tone.
  • Maintain a competitive edge by differentiating from your competitor with a unique identity.
  • Improve your professional image, making your company look bigger and more experienced.
  • Increase the probability of attracting the right prospects.
  • Increase desirability through clarity of purpose.
  • Increase consistency across your staff, environments and collateral materials.
  • Enhance your customer experience by standardisation.

Branding Projects

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